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The Universal World Business Clubs
The World's Most Exclusive All-Inclusive Membership Corporate Executive Business Club 

More VIP Corporate Business Club Benefits
Included in Your Membership 
VIP Companionship
Club members get tickets at Sold Out 
Sport Events
Enjoy the best Seats at the World Series Tickets
Club members receive theater tickets and concert tickets anywhere in the world 
See Fashion Shows In Italy, Paris, New York and Los Angeles
Family Events
World Class  Restaurants
Night Clubs


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Miami Hot Nightlife
Las Vegas Hot Nightlife
​For Application and To Wire Initiation Fee:​
Call 240-495-3266 or email:
Lifestyle Upgrades
Club Members Ski at World Class Ski Resorts, Chalets, and Castles Anywhere In the World
Club Members who get injured or sick at a destination, we will come and transport you back to your home hospital or home with medical transportation and a professional medical team.