The Universal World Business Club
T/A Corporate Business Clubs

The World's Most Exclusive All-Inclusive Membership Corporate Executive Business Club 


Deductible Initiation

 Platinum Tier 2 

$12.5 million One Time Initiation Fee 
$350,000 Annual Corporate Dues 
LIfetime Membership
Corporate Tier 2
Platinum All-Inclusive Lifetime Memberships
Unlimited Use of All Club Benefits & Travel Services 
To Include:

 Unlimited use of any type and size exclusive luxury airplanes, jets, helicopters, limousines, and
yachts anywhere in the world for executives and select employees of your organization. 

2.5  to 7 Star Diamond Gold Crown Secret Exclusive VIP accommodations to include penthouse hotels, exotic waterside villas, billionaire class resorts, paradise private Islands, fully staffed castles where you are the king during your stay, golf country club memberships anywhere in the world that let's you meet and play professional golfers, upon request club butlers, chefs, administrative assistants, travel/event planners, and armed body guardsall included in your membership. 

3.Employee Incentive Programs for your organization.

4. World Class Concierge Company & Specialist assigned to you and your company included in your membership 

5.  Partial TV Network Ownership in the exciting upcoming Marriage TV Network (MTV) currently under construction

6. Our official Platinum Diamond Club's, 
5 Caret Diamond Ring 

7.  The world's best investments to lower your taxes and awesome before market real estate opportunities through arranged networking introductions worldwide. 

8.  This Platinum Diamond Level adds to your company's bottom line.

9.  Business Club's Custom Made Blazer.

Exclusive 200 Limited Memberships to Open 
January 15, 2018 until January 15, 2019 
 Special: No Annual Dues for 1 Year 
For Application Instructions and To Wire Initiation Fee After Approval:​
Call 240-495-3266 or email: