Welcome to Universal World Business Clubs
The World's Most Exclusive All-Inclusive Membership Corporate Executive Business Club

You are cordially invited to join the very prestigious Universal World Business Club. This Exclusive All-Inclusive Business Club is designed for an elite group of businessmen and world leaders to meet and network together as you travel and participate in the Universal World Business Club’s activities held locally and internationally. 

This exclusive world VIP invitation is for your company, corporation, organization or profession to become a member of this exciting new business club. This invitation is open to  business owners, corporate officers, world government leaders, managers, medical and legal professionals. 

You can be a part of this elite group to enjoy or sponsor club activities, as well as produce your own events for club members with the help of our capable event planning staff.  All club members names and businesses are held in complete confidentiality and are only revealed to our exclusive club members after introductions. Business deals can be made on the golf course, at formal dinners, social parties and more. Membership will be exclusive and limited to 100 Platinum Charter Corporations and 200 Corporations at all other membership levels.

The real benefit of this club is worldwide access to hard to get  business connections, golf courses, cultural entertainment, country clubs and fun. The membership in this club gives you and your organization worldwide VIP treatment.  The total of the many clubs you normally would have had to join in different states and countries, would have been more expensive for even the richest VIP or organization. 

Join and let us design a program that fits you or your company profile.​  We will design your program to be all-inclusive or ala carte that fits within your company budget.

Exclusive privileges for members and their guests to enjoy include fine dining using all-organic foods at worldwide restaurants or gourmet meals flown into your location from top chef's worldwide or meals from our club chefs at your request onsite. Our club members really enjoy the relaxing therapeutic massages held in the most beautiful locations in the world.  Memberships includes security and protected privacy wherever you go in the world.  Club members cruise on some of the world’s largest and most luxurious custom yachts stationed in international waters just outside major emerging market cities.  Club members use our Club Corporate Jets, Helicopters, Limousines, Yacht's for business and fun 24/7.  Club members enjoy exclusive access to real inside deal making information through regular opportunities to meet and network with the world’s movers and shakers i.e. royalty, influential government officials, corporate chiefs, scientists and successful businessmen from an array of worldwide corporations.  

As a Club Member you will have unbelievable access to events worldwide that include hard to get sport tickets, theater tickets, worldwide fashion shows, and theme park tickets for employees & family members. You will be able to use our exclusive and safe encrypted debit card for gifts and other uses. Club members play paint ball war games, polo matches, fox hunting, ocean and fresh water fishing, poker nights, opportunities to play a sport against or with NBA, NFL, NHL, and PGA players.  The fun is unlimited and the personal and business services are included in your membership. 

Exciting Club Benefits 
Your Club Jet Is Waiting 
Worldwide Networking Parties
Concierge Services

Members, Sponsors, Advertisers are globally located in over 100 countries on 5 continents

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The employee services below are included in all Platinum Memberships or we can design a custom package for your
company in the Corporate Bronze, Silver or Gold Memberships with a combination of our affiliates and partners.